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Howell High School Alumni

Brian Jude Piatkowski
Year: (1989)

Updated: 6/27/2008
Last Visit: 6/27/2008

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Passaic, NJ  07055

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I attended Montclair State University from 1989-1995, graduated with a BA in Broadcasting, minors in Music Theory/History and Film. I worked freelance in the NYC independent film industry for five years, then started my own company, Dragon Rider Productions, in 2001. In 2005 I produced a concert video for the band Friday's Child, which led to the formation of Digital Cafe Tour in 2006. I am VP of Creative Affairs and produce and direct most of our content. Check out for more information. These days, I "professionally" go by Brian Jude, since I cannot stand it when people misspell or mispronounce my name. (People always knew me as "Brian Jude" in college.)
My family:
After chasing each other for many years, Melanie Canter and I married in 2000. Our son Jacob was born in 2005.
Life experiences:
Every day is a great life experience! Jacob's birth was a very difficult time, as he had many medical issues to overcome, but has overcome most of them - others will last all his life, but he's doing amazingly well otherwise.
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Digital Cafe Tour
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